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Voodoo Spells All About Talismans

Voodoo Spells – AboutTalismans

Voodoo Spells often depend on a Talisman. For the uninitiated, a talisman is a typically a physical object, most often, an amulet or charm.   According to Dictionary.com a Talisman is often a stone, ring, or other object supposed to posses occult powers.

The VoodooRules.com Witch Doctor says that a Talisman is like a key.  It is the thing (thought, concept, or idea) that gives the holder power.  He refers to quotes by Emerson, Brande, and others. His favorite one is:

“Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.”

by John Quincy Adams

In Voodoo, a Talisman is often more than an amulet.   A talisman is anything that helps a person to  focus and amplify that person’s inherent power through Voodoo Spells.  A talisman is often something very personal that belongs to the target of the Voodoo Spell.    Generally, the more personal the talisman, the more powerful it is.    Common talismans include things like locks of hair, bits of clothing, and even drops of precious blood. The Voodoo Doll itself is also a Talisman in that it helps the practitioner focus his or her energies.

The most potent Talisman for Voodoo Spells is an image taken with a captivating camera charm

Now getting a lock of hair to use for a Talisman may not be that tough to do if the target of your Voodoo Spell lives with you, but what do you do if it’s a boss, a co-worker, a teacher?   If you think getting a lock of hair will be tough, imagine how hard it would be to get a few drops of blood?  The VoodooRules Witch Doctor took a technological approach to acquiring a potent talisman.  His approach combined a bit of Ju Ju  with something he called a captivating camera charm.    The charm turns the camera on your phone into a talisman trap.   You just point your camera at the target, position the face in the finger frame, and snap.

Don’t settle for a second rate Talisman.  Amplify your efforts by using a powerful talisman.  Snip some hair if you can. Drain a couple of drops of precious blood if you dare.  When you really need some powerful Ju Ju, nothing beats snapping up a soul with the captivating camera charm.

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